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Crafted by hand in Australia, Maritimo is inspired by a lifelong passion for performance, build integrity and innovative design that stands the test of time. With a heritage steeped in offshore racing, engineering excellence and reliability are paramount. A fine balance of advanced hull design, generous fuel capacities and precision weight distribution results in a smooth, responsive and effortless driving experience, superior seaworthiness and unrivalled performance.

Influenced by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines, admire the space, the light and attention to detail, which combine to create the ultimate sanctuary for enjoyment, relaxation and freedom.


Motor Yachts

2018 Maritimo M70
2018 Maritimo M64
2018 Maritimo M62
2018 Maritimo M59
2018 Maritimo M54
2018 Maritimo M51

Express Cruiser

2018 Maritimo S70
2018 Maritimo S62
2018 Maritimo S59
2018 Maritimo S54
2018 Maritimo S51

Sports Cruiser

2018 Maritimo X60